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Reckeweg-R41 Sexual Weakness Drop is a homoeopathic medicine for mens. It contains Acidum phosphoricum, Agnus castus, China, Conium, Damiana, Sepia, Testes.Tissues grow old through a variety of causes.
The formation of rings can be noticed in the albuminous molecules bringing about a rarification of water and consequent parching. After-effects of debilitating illnesses, overwork on physical or other planes, overexcitement, nervous exhaustion. Against various kind of ailments in old-age.As these albuminous molecules loose their working efficacy they can no longer fulfil their detoxicant role towards the cells. This in turn means an accumulation of harmful tissues. It is through a homoeopathic medication stimulating the etoxicant cellular mechanism that an outward bound elimination of these toxins is achieved. The composition of R41 has been adapted in such a way as to influence the different systems, with special emphasis on the vitality glands. It is universally admitted that the function of the germinal glands affects the whole life-current in an individual.

Benefits of Reckeweg-R41 Sexual Weakness Drop:
Tonic in case of impotence and lack of libido.
Lack of vitality; weakness, with high efficacy in low dilution.
Specific effect in cases of disturbances after debilitating illnesses.
Angry irritations, lack of concentration.
Hypochondria and in senile debility.
Strengthens the genital regions.
Acts in cases of exhaustion of all cellular functions, fatigue, aversion, repugnance for coition.
Acts as substitute and stimulant in the organotherapeutic sense.
Lack of vitality Asthenia, Spermatorrhoea General debility especially in men.

Direction for use:
Generally 2-3 times daily 15 drops in a little water before meals. In cases of long standing and to achieve a more rapid result, for 2-3 days 10-15 drops can be taken every 1-2 hours.

Use under medical Supervision
Dr. Reckeweg R41 Sexual Neurasthenia Drop