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Bromium Dilution is a homeopathic medicine. Most marked effects are seen in the respiratory symptoms, especially in larynx and trachea. It seems to affect especially scrofulous children with enlarged glands.

Bromium Dilution is recommended in:
Treatment for Head ailments: Headache, worse heat of sun and by rapid motion. sharp pain through eyes. dizzy when crossing stream of water.
Treatment for Nose ailments: Coryza, with corrosive soreness of nose, stoppage of right nostril, pressure at root of nose, tickling, smarting, as from cobwebs, bleeding from nose relieving the chest.
Treatment for Throat ailments: Throat feels raw, evening, with hoarseness. Tonsils pain on swallowing, deep red, with network of dilated blood vessels. Tickling in trachea during inspiration. Hoarseness coming on from being overheated.
Treatment for Stomach and Abdomen ailments: Sharp burning from tongue to stomach, pressure as of stone, gastralgia; better eating, tympanitic distention of abdomen, painful haemorrhoids, with black stool.

Use under medical supervision.
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