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Dr. Reckeweg Ammonium Mur Dilution is a remedy that is prepared from ammonium chloride. This solution is versatile because it is useful in the treatment of many diseases. It is useful in ailments like asthma, fever, voice hoarseness, etc. It helps in reducing respiratory ailments like dry cough, rattling of mucus and burning sensation in throat.

Key Ingredients:
Ammonium chloride with alcohol

Key Benefits:
Provides relief from fever and asthmaHelps in voice hoarseness and coughHelps in reducing weaknessProvides relief from the feeling of crying during sadnessHelps in reducing dandruff and itching in headRelieves burning sensation in chest, allergic and cold rhinitis and mucus coughHelps in reducing itch and swelling in rectumMenses are regularized in women with reduction in blood clotting and crampingLoose motions and white discharges are reduced during menses
Directions For Use
Consult a doctor before taking the medicine for exact condition

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useUse under medical supervisionMaintain 30 minutes gap between any food/ drink/any other medicineAvoid any strong smell in mouth during taking the medicine like garlic, coffee, camphor, etcDo not exceed the recommended doseKeep out of the reach of children
Dr. Reckeweg Ammonium Mur Dilution CM CH