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Adrenalinum is a homeopathic medicine and it regulates activity of the sympathetic nerve. It stimulation Constriction of the peripheral arteries and normalize blood pressure.Adrenalinum is used in treatment of respiration problem due to lung congestion, asthma, hay fever, debility, haematuria, hyperaemia, urticaria etc.
The main action of adrenalinum is stimulation of the sympathetic nerve endings notably the splanchnic area, causing constriction of the peripheral arterioles, with resulting rise in blood pressure. It is recommended in cases of autonomic dystonia; -states of exhaustion; Addison's disease; adrenal exhaustion.
It is a powerful and prompt astringent and hemostatic; and invaluable in checking capillary hæmorrhages, from all parts, where local or direct application is feasible: nose, ear, mouth, throat, larynx, stomach, rectum, uterus, bladder, hemorrhagic condition not due to defective coagulation of the blood, complete bloodlessness, ischemia.

Use under medical supervision.
Dr. Reckeweg Adrenalinum Dilution 10M CH