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Lippu oil has Pongamia glabra as the active ingredient present in Oleum Cocos nucifera base.
Lippu oil is a unique single herb formulation that is indicated for the effective management of eczema, dry skin, increased skin senescence, lichen planus, Itchyosis Geriatric skin problems. It effectively controls Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), moisturizes the skin, due to long retention time of Lippu ointment is more effective for extreme dry and chronic skin disorders. Lippu is a proven solution to dry skin and associated itching, improves moistening of the skin.

Lippu oil is recommended for dry skin, lichen planus, allergic skin disorders, icthyosis and geriatric skin problems and pruritus.

Use under medical supervision.
Dr. JRK Lippu Oil