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Dexorange capsule contains Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Folic Acid & Zinc. Dexorange capsule is indicated in Anemia.
Oral iron is recommended for treatment of anemia (IDA) and of all Ferric ammonium citrate has better bioavailability that is why it is a preffered form of iron. Whereas, Folic acid are B vitamins, which helps the body making new red blood cells which carry oxygen. If the number of red blood cells decrease, less oxygen goes to the various parts of the body and one feels weak and tired (Anemia). 
Other Benefits of Dexorange capsule are:
Iron deficiency anemia due to chronic blood loss, hook-worm
Tonic in general weakness, lack of appetite, rundown conditions and convalescence. 
Anemia due to pregnancy and lactation.
Post surgery and other debilitated conditions
Use under Medical supervision