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Cytozen Capsule is a hepatoprotective which contains Boerhaavia diffusa, Aloe barbadensis, Picrorhiza kurroa, Andrographis paniculata, Cichorium intybus, Tephrosia purpurea, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, Emblica officinalis, Solanum nigrum, and Plumbago zeylanica.

Role of active ingredients:
Boerhaavia diffusa has anticancer, immunomodulatory, antiamoebic, antiestrogenic and diuretic properties, useful in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetic patients
Aloe barbadensis the finest body cleansers, cleans morbid matter from the stomach, liver, kidneys and is tonic used in jaundice, amenorrhea.
Picrorhiza kurroa shows significant cholagouge activity by increasing in bile flow, bile salts, bile acids and acts a liver stimulant.
Andrographis Paniculata has hepatoprotective activity and relieves symptoms of jaundice.
Cichorium intybus plant is beneficial in relieving sluggishness of the liver, jaundice, enlargement of spleen.
Tephrosia purpurea is used in the treatment of leprosy, ulcers, asthma, tumors, as well as diseases of the liver, spleen.
Terminalia chebula shows excellent hepatoprotective effects against drug induced toxicities.
Terminalia belerica and Emblica officinalis shows hepatoprotective action.
Solanum nigrum and Plumbago zeylanica is used to treat liver-related disease, including jaundice.

Benefits of Cytozen Capsule:
Corrects liver congestion,
Relieves nausea and vomiting,
Improves overall function of liver,
Minimizes damage due to drug induced hepatotoxicity,
Neutralizes harmful effects of diseases, drugs and alcohol.

Directions of use:
1 capsule two times a day to be taken with warm water, preferably before meals.

Use under medical supervision.
Cytozen  Capsule