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Cystelia- M Tablet contains Myo- Inositol, D- Chiro- Inositol, L- Methyl Folate and Vitamin D3 as active ingredients.
- A Nutritional supplement to boost up the female fertility.

Key benefits/uses of Cystelia- M Tablet:
- Myo- Inositol is used in various conditions such as reducing adverse neonatal outcomes in preterm babies, safe and effective treatment for PCOS
- Works by improving ovarian function and reduce hyperandrogenism.
- Also shown to reduce the risk of metabolic disease.
- L- Methyl Folate restores spontaneous ovarian activity & fertility in women’s with PCOS

Direction for use/Dosage:
- As directed by the physician.

Storage instructions:
- Store in a cool, dry and dark place
- Protect from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture

Safety information:
- Keep out of reach of children

Cystelia  -M Tablet