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Corectia Tablet is recommended for adjunctive management of anovulatory PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease). Helps with the improvement of myo-inositol levels.

Key Ingredients:
Myo-inositolD-chiro-inositolN-acetylcysteinVitamin D3Vitamin B12
Key Benefits:
Myo-inositol levels are low in women with PCOD and myo-inositol is effective at improving fertility in women with PCODD-Chiro-inostol regulates menstrual cycle, improve ovarian function and decrease androgens.N-acetylcysteinpotentiate the activity of inositols
Directions For Use:
As prescribed by the Physician

Safety Information:
Store in a cool‚ dry and dark placeProtect from the direct sunlightKeep out of the reach of children
Corectia Tablet