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Healthaid COQNOL Capsule Improve cardiac health and aid sexual disorders.These capsules will give effective results in sexual disorder for both men and women. For males they will increase the energy level of sperm cells and save them from all the cells of the body against free radical damage, because of their antioxidant effect. This as a result leads to increase in sperm sensitivity and reasonable correction of male fertility. In case of female fertility, female eggs depend on mitochondria as their only source of energy. But after the age of 30 mitochondria in their eggs decreases, which leads to less energy and chromosomal abnormalities and as a result is not able to produce a mature egg and normal embryo.

Key Benefits:
Provides powerful antioxidant defense
Supports reproductive health
Enhances energy levels
Improves cardiac health

Direction of use:
One capsule daily. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

Use under medical supervision
Coqnol Capsule