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Consevel is designed to help optimize female fertility by supporting the production of “fertile-quality” cervical mucus – and by promoting endometrial secretions that build the uterine lining for implantation of the fertilized egg. In addition, key ingredients in Consevel have also been clinically demonstrated to support female arousal and sexual stimulation.
Fertile cervical mucus during ovulation is crucial to getting pregnant, helping nourish and protect sperm and facilitate sperm transport. A woman’s cervical mucus changes throughout her cycle. For conception to occur, sperm must swim through the cervix and uterus and ultimately to the fallopian tube where fertilization occurs. The all-natural ingredients, including amino acid L-Arginine, and safely increase the odds of pregnancy.
Consevel supports fertility by inducing endometrial secretions during the time implantation takes place. Creating a healthy endometrium for implantation increases the odds of pregnancy.
Use under medical supervision.
Consevel Capsule