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Collagold Plus Tablet is a unique nutritional supplement containing Collagen peptide, Sodium hyaluronate and Chondroitin. This is a unique combination is effective in improving extracellular matrix in tendons affected with tendinopthy of all types. It improves tendon functions. This combination stimulates proliferation and production of tendon cells.

Benefits of Key ingredients:
Collagen peptide is used to synthesize new tendon fibers extracellular tissue which maintains the tendon health.
Sodium Hyaluronate helps cross-linking of collagen fibers amongst themselves with chondroitin leading to a uniform bundle of fibers arranged compactly to offer maximum tensile strength. It also reduces adhesion thus promoting free glide of tendons over the bones while healing.
Chondroitin serves to provide tensile strength and elasticity to the healthy tendons. It is known to stabilize tendons by reinforcing collagen-chondroitin association cross-links.

Use under medical supervision.
Collagold Plus Tablet