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Colgate-Palmolive Company

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Colgate Slim soft Tooth Brush is designed for a deep and a gentle clean to remove food and plaque from along gum line and constricted gaps between teeth.
- The soft bristles clean deep between and behind the teeth reach the spots where normal bristles cannot reach and effectively removes the germs
- Colgate Slim Soft Tooth Brush is a type of toothbrush which is specially designed to remove dental problem like plaque from gingival margin

Use: Dental and oral care

Salient features of Colgate Slim Soft Tooth Brush:
- Compact head: For good access to mouth's posterior areas
- Ultra-soft, slimmer tip bristles: Designed to remove serious dental problems like plaque
- Flexible neck: Extends reach deeper into the mouth and deeply cleans tooth surfaces around fixed brackets & wires and between orthodontic braces
- 17x Slimmer Tip Bristles: Bristles are 17x Slimmer than ordinary end rounded bristles which are helpful for the deep cleaning between the narrow gaps of teeth

- Dental problems
Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush