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Femiplex gel is a topical preparation used for treatment of recurrent vaginitis. Femiplex is a polyherbal preparation containing over 20 herbs. 
Role of Key ingredients: 
The active ingredients in Femiplex include Ashoka and Lodhra act as astringent and arrest excessive vaginal discharge; 
Gokshura, Mehendi, Daruhaldi, and Guduchi have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing actions.
Women suffer from vaginitis regularly and conditions like malnutrition, poor hygiene further increases susceptibility to vaginal infections. Femiplex reduces excessive vaginal discharge; itching and burning resulting in improved quality of life. Femiplex is indicated for treatment of vaginitis, prevention of post-operative infection, leucorrhea, and cervicitis. 
Directions of use: 
Apply in adequate quantity to the affected area by gentle massage two times a day. 
Use under medical supervision
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