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Cephagraine Tablet provides effective relief of nasal congestion and promotes easy breathing in sinusitis. In migraine, Cephagraine provides an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action and relieves associated headache and pain. In sinusitis, Cephagraine reduce inflammation, liquefy mucus and relieve congestion. Cephagraine reduces frequency, severity and duration of migraine by anti-inflammatory and analgesic property. Cephagraine also relieves migraine associated sensory aura such as headache, nausea, vomiting and tinnitus etc.

Role of key ingredients:
Cephagraine tablet contains Piper longum, Calotropis gigantea, Gypsum, Datura metel,all these ingredients have analgesic properties. Carminative Carum copticum, antacid Sodium carbonate, hepato stimulant Eclipta alba and prokinetic Zingiber officinale helps to relieve the symptoms of migraine. Ocimum sanctum has adaptogenic and anxiolytic properties.

Cephagraine Tablet is used in migraine, tension headache, and sinusitis.

Other benefits of Cephagraine tablet:
Promotes decongestion of nasal mucosa and thereby reduces nasal discharge.
Provides effective relief of nasal congestion and easy breathing.
Provides an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action thereby relieves associated headache and pain.
Relieves nausea and reduces anxiety associated with migraine.
Reduces frequency and duration of migraine attacks.
Prevents decongestion and blockage of nasal cavity.

Use under medical supervision
Charak Cephagraine Tablet