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Chaiology Darjeeling Black Tea has been hand-picked and produced in a high-quality tea plantations in Darjeeling. The color of the Darjeeling black tea is clear and light. It is the first natural flush loose-leaf tea. This tea is known for its anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. It has the ability to strengthen the heart and boost the bone enhancement. It is based on natural ingredients and is free from added flavors.

Key Ingredients:
First Flush Black Tea Leaves

Key Benefits:
Reduces asthma and lowers the stress levelReduces the high Cholesterol and prevents heart diseasesHelps in inducing calmness and increases the power of alertnessEnriched with minerals and has antioxidant propertiesFunctions as an essential catalyst in treatment of cancerImproves blood circulation and treats high blood pressure
Directions For Use
Take 1tsp of tea and add in 200 ml of water and boil it at 90-1000 Celsius for 3-5 minutes and serve it for drinking.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useIn case of allergic reaction stop the usageStore in a cool and dry place
Chaiology Darjeeling Black Tea