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Cetaphil® Cleansing & Moisturizing Bar is a highly effective cleanser, especially formulated to treat dry skin conditions in affected people. It is a non-soap bar with a pH of 5.5. Its active ingredient, shea butter, is widely used as an effective moisturizer and is recommended for daily use.

Key Constituents:
- Sodium cocoyl isethionate
- Stearic Acid
- Sodium tallowate
- Water
- Sodium isethionate
- Sodium cocoate
- Sodium stearate
- Glycerin
- Sodium chloride
- PEG-20
- Masking fragrance
- Petrolatum
- Sodium isostearoyl lactylate
- Sucrose cocoate
- Titanium dioxide
- Pentasodium pentetate
- Tetrasodium etidronate
- May also contain Sodium palm kernelate

Key Benefits:
- It’s a non-soap bar which is recommended for daily use as an effective way to moisturize skin
- Contains shea butter as an active ingredient which is extremely useful in keeping the skin moisturized
- A gentle cleanser with no adverse effect
- Proven to treat dry skin conditions
- Recommended by the dermatologists

Direction for use:
Apply Cetaphil® Cleaning and Moisturizing bar while bathing or washing. Rinse well with water.

Safety Information:
- Read the label carefully before use
- Keep out of the reach of children
- Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat
Cetaphil Bar