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Celpro is a Multivitamin, Multimineral preparation containing Ferrous fumarate, Vitamins (Folic acid, B12, D3, B1, Niacinamide, B2, B6, calcium pantothenate, A, E), Copper, Protein hydrolysate, Di-calcium phosphate, manganese, and sucrose.

Celpro is a nourishing powder enriched with protein and essential vitamins and carbohydrate. The various vitamins and minerals along with proteins provide balanced nutrition and increases levels of the nutrients in blood. The iron and folic acid improve production and maturation of red blood cells increasing oxygenation in the body.
Celpro is beneficial for sports nutrition, bone health and general wellness.

Directions of use:
Dissolve one to two tablespoonful of powder in a glass of milk or water and use twice a day.

Use under medical supervision.
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