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Carminozyme capsule consists of bhringaraj (E.alba), Bhuiamlaki (P.niruri) and Dhania (C.sativum). Bhringaraj increases appetite and enhances digestive power. Bhuiamlaki (P.niruri) relieves gastrointestinal disorders. Dhania (C.sativum) protects gastric mucosa.
Carminozyme capsule has heptoprotective, carminative and enzymatic properties. It reinforces protein digestion and controls hyper motility and helps in smooth evacuation. It is indicated for general debility / weakness, old age fatigue, as a nutritive and anti-stress agent in pregnancy, as a lactogogue and nutritive for lactating mothers.

Directions of use:
Recommended to take 1-2 capsule twice daily for maximum effect.
Carminozyme Capsule