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Carmicide Adults liquid is used to treat urinary tract infections and other conditions. It improves renal health prevents kidney stone formation.

Key Ingredients:
Sodium citrateCitric acid
Key Benefits:
Sodium citrate is an alkalinizing agent used in the treatment of several kidney problems (kidney stones) and works by neutralising the excess amount of acid in the blood and urineUsed in treatment of mild urinary tract infections mainly cystitis (inflammation of bladder)Citric acid is an alkalinizing agent which makes the urine less acidicBeneficial for the body as it boosts renal health, prevents kidney stones, fights free radicals (has antioxidant properties), improves mineral absorption
Directions For Use:
As prescribed bt the Physician

Safety Information:
Store in a cool‚ dry and dark placeProtect from the direct sunlightKeep out of reach of children
Carmicide Adults Liquid