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Calotroph Capsule contains Bhasma of Calotropis Gigantia 100 mg.

Calotropis Gigantia helps increase bile secretions in the liver and is effective in the treatment of abdominal disorders and haemorrhoids. It helps softens stool and regulates bowel. It also helps improve capillary fragility and restores micro circulation in inflamed plexuses Calotroph Capsule is used to treat external, internal and bleeding piles. It relieves pain and itching during piles. Calotroph Capsule effectively treats piles, fissures, post-operative haemorrhoidal relapses and dysmenorrhoea.

Directions of use:
Take one Calotroph Capsule every morning with milk or warm water on an empty stomach for three or four weeks.

Use under medical supervision.
Calotroph Capsule