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Cutseal Liquid is a tissue adhesive used for application to close minor cut wounds or serious wounds in surgical or non-surgical traumatic wounds and in repair of lacerations. It is a fast wound repair product.

Cutseal Liquid contains n-Butyl Cyanoacrylate which undergoes an exothermic polymerization catalyzed by the presence of small quantities of a weak base such as water.

General surgery- Biopsy sites, Laparotomy, Hernia, Appendicitis, Hydrocele
ENT Surgery
Plastic surgery- Excision of scars, Skin graft in burns, and correction of earlobe punctures.
Pediatric surgery
Orthopedic- tendon repair, cartilage binding, bone graft
Uro-genital surgery- Kidney, ureter
Ophthalmic- corneal
Dental Surgery- Periodontal surgery, Dental extraction sites.
Veterinary uses

Precautions: Cutseal is free flowing liquid slightly more viscous than water. To prevent inadvertent flow of the liquid adhesive to unintended areas the wound should be held in a horizontal position. Thick application of tissue adhesive should be avoided since it produces excessive heat due to polymerization, which may cause injury to the adjacent tissue and delays the process of healing. Thick applications do not enhance bonding and tend to crack and loosen prematurely.

Benefits of Cutseal Liquid:
Cost effective
Safe and Hygienic
Painless process

Dosage: Depends upon the size of the wound or cut or lacerations.

Storage: Keep it in a cool, dry place. Protect from Sunlight

Use under medical supervision.