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Co-Rosiflex, due to the synergistic action of its special blend of Collagen and Rosehip extract acts through two powerful modes of action-stimulation of cartilage tissue production and anti-inflammatory action.
Co-Rosiflex is thus, a unique product that not only tackles pain, stiffness and inflammation, but also helps in repairing the underlying damage in the joints of osteoarthritic patients. This makes Co-Rosiflex the product of choice for the maintenance of joint health in arthritic patients.Co-Rosiflex has shown to have a positive effect on the cartilage, which is the protective covering at the bone ends which acts as a shock absorber in the joints and helps in easy pain-free movement.Co-Rosiflex also exerts anti-inflammatory actions and has been shown to decrease joint pain, improve joint health and increase mobility and flexibility in osteoarthritic patients.
The routine intake of Co-Rosiflex leads to decrease in joint pain, improvement in joint flexibility 
Use under medical supervision.
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