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Cartivit OD tablet is a nutritional supplement that provides relief from osteoarthritic pain. It stimulates the synthesis of type II collagen in articular cartilage. Cartivit tablet significantly improves the physiological functions of the joints. It plays a vital role in the isokinetic power of muscles and joints. Regular consumption of Cartivit tablet will reduce joint pain and contributes to the bone’s health. Cartivit tablet significantly improves physiological functions of the joints as well.
Role of key ingredients:
Glucosamine is a amino sugar which improves the development of various connective tissue fibers around the joints. 
Chondroitin helps to improve the lubrication around the joints. 
Vitamin C is added to help with allowing the body to improve its antioxidant functions and to assist in the production of the immune system.
Glucosamine and Vitamin C helps in regeneration of cartilage and thus gives relief in Osteoarthritis.