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VIGROSOM   Benefits- This remedy is well indicated to enhance the sexual power in man's, organ weakness, for short erections or emission, cure nervous debility & improve the actual stiffness.    Restore the vigour and vitality disorder with accomplish satisfaction and pleasure.   Composition- Tribulus terrestris 3x HPI 5%, caladium seg. 3x HPI 5%,withania sam 3x HPI 5%, agnus cast. 3x HPI 5%, damiana t.3x HPI 5%,yohimbinum 3x HPI 5%,nuphar luteum 3x HPI 5%,selenium 6c 3x HPI 5%, agua distilled Q.S.   Dosage: 20 drops in 1/4 cup water 2 times a day or prescribed by doctor.   Side Effects- no side effects

  Use under medical Supervision
Biohome Vigrosom Men's Tonic