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It is used for instant relief all type of joint pains. It is well indicated to instant relief muscles pain & aching, all type joint pains, gout, arthritis & rheumatism etc.

Composition-Gelsemium Q HPI 2%, Gaultheria Q HPI 2%, Cimicifuga Q  HPI 2%, Kalmia Lat. Q HPI 2%, Urtica Urens Q HPI 2%, Benzoic Acid 6C HPI 2%, Colchicum 6C  HPI 2%, Actaea Spicata 6C HPI 2%, aqua distilled Q.S
Dosage: 20 drops of 1/4 cup water within 6 hours & repeat or prescribed b the doctor.
Side Effects- no side effects.

Use under medical Supervision.

BioHome Joint Relief Drop