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Benefits- This remedy is well indicated to reduce waist & hip excessive fat from body, make body perfect.
Composition- Each 10 ml contain:- drop no.01: pulsatilla nig. 200C HPI 15%, bryonia alb. 200C HPI 15%, drop no.02: graphities 200C HPI 15%, natrum sulph 200C HPI 15%, drop no.03: calcarea carb. 200C HPI 15%, rhus tox 200C HPI 15%, drop no.04: allium sativum 200C HPI 15 %, mag. phos 200C HPI 15%, aqua distilled Q.S.
Dosage- This pack contains 4 bottles uses each bottles at the interval of 2 days  according to sequence.(serial no. mentioned on each bottles as 1,2,3 &4)  or as directed by physician.
Side Effects-no side effects.

Use under medical Supervision
BioHome Hiptone Drop