(bottle of 30 tablets)

Bhargava Phytolab

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Thunder M tablets is useful in following conditions-

Senile debility, mental and physical exhaustion, poor erection, lack of passion. Loss of vigour and vitality.

Impotency, sexual neurasthenia and nervous exhaustion.

Painful inflammation of prostate and seminal vesicles

Emissions at night or at stool, even passing a soft stool

Ingredients- Each Thunder M tablet contains: Damiana 3X 0.03ml, Acid phos 2X 0.13ml, Ginseng Q 0.02ml, Selenium 3X 0.02mg, Yohimbinum Q 0.02ml. In sugar of milk base.

Action of Individual ingredients in Thunder M-

Damiana acts as a natural aphrodisiac, Acid Phos is a wonderful herb for nervous weakness, Ginseng is a well known stimulant, Yohimbinum acts on the sexual organs

Presentation: 3 blisters of 10 tablets each

Dose- 1 tablet twice a day, or as directed by the physician.

Use under medical supervision.

Bhargava Thunder-M Tablet