(tube of 25 gm Ointment)

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Cutfar Ointment mainly contains Vipadikahar Malam, and Jatyadi Oil. 
Vipadikahar Malam & Jatyadi oil gives high occlusive effect and creates layer on the skin which give smooth and supple skin. 
Vipadikahar malam heals chilblains, cuts and ichthyosis, it also acts as a disinfectant and prevents infections. It promotes the tissue repair process and enhances healing. 
Jatyadi oil is known for its soothing antiseptic, antibacterial and emollient action while it heals erythema.
Cutfar Ointment is mainly used in treatment of cuts, wounds, injuries, skin rashes etc.
Direction for use:
Wash affected part with warm water and rub gently. 
Apply Cutfar 2 to 3 times a day. Cover with a bandage if necessary.
Use under medical supervision
Ban Labs Cutfar Ointment