(bottle of 10 ml Eye Drop)

Bakson's Homeopathy

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Bakson s Euphrasia eye drops contains the goodness of euphrasia officinalis. The natural washing product restores moisture in eyes and controls the development of inflammation. It suppresses eye fatigue symptoms by allowing blood to flow in the eyes properly. Bakson s Euphrasia eye drops can help to control congestion in the eyes and improve the effects of irritation. Instil one or two drops in the eyes for three to six times in a day. This in turn keeps the eyes from being overly irritated.

Directions for use:
1. Shake the bottle
2. Tilt your head upwards
3. Hold it still and add required eye drops
4. Close your eyes for a minute
5. Wipe the tears with a clean tissue

Use under medical supervision.
Bakson's Euphrasia Eye Drop