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Baidyanath Swas Chintamani Ras (Vr) is an effective Ayurvedic medicine that comes in the form of tablets. It is specifically used for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Key Ingredients:
Shuddha gandhaka or purified and processed sulphurMukta bhasma or calx of pearlSwarna bhasma or calx of goldAbhraka bhasma or calx of micaMakshika bhasma or calx of copper and iron pyriteShuddha parada or purified and processed mercuryLoha bhasma or calx of iron
Key Benefits:
Effective in treating coldHelpful in treating bronchitisHelps in curing coughCures asthma and many other respiratory diseases
Directions For Use
Take 125-250 mg once or twice per day before or after taking food. Taking it with honey gives more effective results. Dosage should be directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useKeep out of the reach of childrenUse under nedical supervisionDo not exceed the recommended dose
Baidyanath Swas Chintamani Ras (Vr)