(bottle of 100 ML)

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Direction for use
• Apply directly on scalp with the bottle spray or with fingertips and massage gently.
• Apply twice daily, after bath and before bed time.
• Recommended quantity per application 4-8ml or as required by individuals.

Now stop worrying about your hair fall and concentrate On improving your hair growth rate. Presenting for the First time ever in India, Hair oil, a never-before solution that not only addresses hair fall problems but also helps in accelerating healthy hair growth. This Hair oil comes to you as a result of advanced and groundbreaking research on Indian hair types. It's unique formulation has root energizer, which are enriched with hair re-growth molecules. Hair oil is clinically tested to accelerate hair growth and control hair fall by revitalizing hair follicles from the root and improving hair quality. Within 21 days of use you'll see a noticeable improvement and your hair wants more, it is suitable and safe, for both men and women.

Benefits :
• Accelerates hair growth
• Controls hair fall
• Effectively improves anagen (growth)/ telogen (rest) phase ratio by 35% within 90 days of use
• Provides deep and intensive moisturization to scalp and hair.
• Helps reduce dandruff.