(bottle of 1000 ml Liquid)

Axiom Ayurveda

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Axiom Aloevera Amla juice contains amla juice, aloevera juice, wheat grass juice, tulsi juice, and haldi as its main ingredients.

Key benefits of Axiom Aloevera Amla juice:
Amla is a powerful home remedy that can treat flu and cough, along with mouth ulcers.
Amla also controls cholesterol levels. It contains antioxidants and amino acids that are also helpful in overall heart health.
Improves digestion and relieves constipation.
Promotes normal stomach lining.
Soothes swelling and redness.
Improves learning power, mood and memory.

Direction for use:
For infants: Not to use
For ailment 5-12 Years: 20ml twice a day.
For adults: 30-50ml twice a day.

Safety information:
Keep out of the reach of children.

Use under medical supervision.
This product is non-returnable.
Axiom Aloevera Amla  Juice