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Avene thermal water solution contains a blend of water and nitrogen (free from preservatives), with pH of 7.5. It provides the user with the same sense of freshness which one gets from spring water, like soothing, nourishing and hydrating the skin. It does not contain any salt so as to prevent the drying of the skin.
Avene thermal water solution can be used for soothing the skin during Dermatological conditions like: post surgery, post procedure, on redness prone skin,keratosis prone scaly skin, burning / stinging / itching / tingling. It can be used in daily care: after cleansing, shaving/waxing, exercise, in diaper rashes. It can be used by all age groups and has no side effects. 
Directions of use:
Spray onto the skin in a fine mist. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, then gently pat dry. Spray on as often as necessary.
Use under Medical supervision.
Avene Thermal Spring Water