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Allstar Reusable Insulin Pen is a reusable pen for the injection of Insulin. Device has a combination of sleek design styling and sophisticated technology and is used to deliver the insulin in the body. AllStar can only be used with Sanofi 3ml (300 units) insulin cartridges (100 units per ml) from Sanofi Group.

An insulin delivery device used by people with diabetes for injecting insulin

Salient Features:
Slim and discreetClear dose magnification windowDose arrow on both sidesBayonet cartridge lockShort dial out distancePenalty-free reverse dialingMaximum dose dialing of 80 unitsAudible click sound with every unit dialed and dispensedStops at 300 unitsNon-rotating dial button during dispense
Directions For Use:
Take special care not to touch the needle tip to avoid accidental needle injury and passing of infectious diseases Insert a new cartridge Pull off the pen cap from AllStar Pro and unscrew the cartridge holder from the pen body Insert the new cartridge, narrow end first, into the cartridge holder Align the insulin cartridge holder straight with the pen body and use the cartridge’s rubber stopper to push the plunger back Screw the cartridge holder firmly back on to the pen body until it clicks into placeCheck your insulin and then attach a fresh needle
Safety Information:
Keep out of reach of childrenDo not soak, wash or lubricate AllStar as this may cause damage Do not store AllStar with a needle attached Do not store in the refrigerator
This product is non-returnable.
Allstar Reusable Insulin Pen