(bottle of 60 ml Face Wash)

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Reap immense benefits for our skin by using Ahaglow S foam that contains Glycolic acid, Aloe Vera, and Citric acid. The Glycolic acid is effective in combating acnes by increasing skin cell turnover. It is also helpful in keeping the pores unclogged and lightening brown marks. Aloe Vera helps in keeping the skin free of infection and microbial attacks. The Citric acid is helpful in cleaning the pores thoroughly and maintain the moisture levels. 
Ahaglow S foam is effective in fighting all signs of acne and skin breakouts. It improves skin texture by removing dead skin cells and unblocking pores.
Directions for use:
Moisten face with water
Take a small quantity of foam on your palm
Apply using a gentle circular motion
Rinse well
Use under medical supervision
Ahaglow S Foaming Face Wash