(bottle of 170 ml Oral Gel)

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Acifast Gel contains Aluminium Hydroxide, Magnesium Hydroxide and Simethicone.

Role of key ingredients:
Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide are antacids used together to relieve heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomach. They may be used to treat these symptoms in patients with peptic ulcer, gastritis, esophagitis, hiatal hernia, or too much acid in the stomach. They combine with stomach acid and neutralize it.
Simethicone is an orally administered anti-foaming agent used to reduce bloating, discomfort or pain caused by excessive gas.
Acifast Gel is used to treat heartburn and acid indigestion.

Directions of use:
For immediate effect, consume 1-2 teaspoonfull of Acifast gel after meals. The liquid bottles also come with a 10 ml measuring cap for precise dosage.
Use after properly shaking the bottle.

Use under Medical supervision.
Acifast Oral Gel