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Astyfer-Z liquid contains Amino acid bound iron Ferrous Glycine sulphate, Histidine, Lysine, Folic acid, Zinc and Haemopoietic factors. Ferrous Glycine sulphate together with amino acids ensures rapid iron absorption thereby ensures better haemoglobin synthesis.

By virtue of rapid Iron absorption, Astyfer-Z liquid promotes excellent gastric tolerance which therefore can be administered even to patients who could not tolerate other iron preparations. Further, Histidine by the process of chelation with Zinc, promotes better Zinc uptake in human erythrocytes and makes it better bio-available.
Astyfer-Z liquid used in the treatment of:-
Iron Deficiency Anaemia
Iron deficiency anaemia and nutritional anaemia that occurs especially during pregnancy and lactation
Iron deficiency due to chronic blood loss or low intake of iron

Astyfer-Z liquid can be taken orally with water, after meals. 
Use under medical supervision.