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Arotene Capsule contain carotenoids. Arotene and other carotenoids provide approximately 50% of the vitamin A.
Vitamin A stimulates and enhances many immune functions including antibody response and the activity of various white blood cells such as T helper cells and phagocytes. This immune-enhancing function promotes healing of infected tissues and increases resistance to infection.
Benefits of Arotene capsules:
1. Helps to support healthy eye function and vision, in particular visual adaptation to darkness
2. Assists to maintain a healthy immune system
3. Promotes healthy skin and supports skin repair
4. Aids to support the health of the mucous membranes, in particular the respiratory tract
5. Helps to support the production of red blood cells
6. Aids in maintaining or improving general wellbeing
Directions for use:
Take Arotene capsules with food or milk
Take Arotene capsules regularly to receive the most benefit from it
Use under medical supervision.