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Amicolon SB Sachets is a homeopathic medicine which contains saccharomyces boulardi.Amicolon is a synergistic combination of natural herbs and vitamin C, designed to provide the fibre needed to promote good gastro-intestinal transit, so as to support general health and colon and intestinal tract function. We produce in accordance with high quality standards, without the use of colourants, sweeteners and allergens. The colon is the last part of the intestinal tract and is one of the body s main organs. It is very important for the elimination of toxins.

Dietary deficiencies, unhealthy lifestyles and other factors such as stress, smoking, alcohol abuse and chemical substances such as food additives or medicines, can alter the walls of the bowel, compromising correct functionality. Nutrients would not be sufficiently absorbed and undigested food would tend to stagnate in the stomach and intesting, resulting in putrefactive episodes and toxin production. This would result in “waste” accumulating in the colon in particular, which promote parasites, viruses, yeasts and bacteria, with effects on bowel health that tend to extend to the whole body. A far from pleasant picture. Amicolon helps promote regular bowel function, thanks to an effective synergy of ingredients including cloves, ginger, rhubarb,

Benefits of Amicolon SB Sachets
Emollient, soothing action on the gastrointestinal system.
Support to normal immune system function
Promotes healthy gastrointestinal

Use under medical supervision.