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ADEL Zincum Sulphuricum Dilution is a product that positively impacts a person's overall well being. It affects the mental health and the sense of smell to a great extent. It is effective in treating a wide range of diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and prostate cancer. Since many enzymes make use of Zinc for carrying out their functions, it promotes catalytic activities and functions. The medicine also promotes cell division and plays an active part in the perpetuation of genetic material. It also provides a cure for dermal, neurologic gastrointestinal, and immunologic impairments in the human body. Dilution helps in curing zinc deficiency among adults and improves the body's immunity towards pathogens. Hypogonadism in males can be cured. It also reduces hair fall to a great extent. This medicine is responsible for transcription of DNA and promotes translation of RNA.

Key Ingredients:
Zincum Sulphuricum
Key Benefits:
An effective treatment for children's diseasesPromotes growth among children who are stunted Cures various infections among childrenEnhances the flow of blood Reduces hypertension due to high blood pressureCauses repletion of zinc balances the quantity of serum thymulinImproves immunity by strengthening the immune systemAids in easy digestionImproves the metabolism
Directions For Use:
As directed by the physician

Safety Information:
For internal use onlyRead the label carefully before useAvoid direct contact with eyesStore in cool and dry placeKeep out of the reach of childrenAvoid exposure to direct sunlight
ADEL Zincum Sulphuricum Dilution 1000 CH