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Adel Pekana Germany

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ADEL Hepar Sulph Dilution is helpful against glandular inflammation and eruptions. It relieves bleeding from the mouth and is effective against mouth and gum pains. It helps in reducing painful neck swelling and burning itching sensation in the body. The medicine also treats cold, cough, sore throat and swollen lymphatic glands.

Key Ingredients:
Apis mellificaCalcium sulphideCalcarea hypophosphorosaEchinacea angustifoliaSilica
Key Benefits:
Relieves glandular swellings and eruptionsRelieves mouth bleeding and mouth and gum painsRelieves painful neck inflammationRelieves burning sensation with white vesicles after itchingRelieves sore throat and coughRelieves ear aches and inflamed lymphatic glandsHelps against over sensitivity and reduces inflammation of skinEffective treatment against digestive problems and smelly stoolsGood remedy against unhealthy skin and acneHelps against small pimples and deep cracks in feet and hand
Directions For Use:
Take 3-5 drops in 1 teaspoon of water three times a day or as directed by the physician

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before use Maintain 15 minutes gap between any food/ drink/any other medicineConsult a homeopathic doctor before starting this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding Avoid consuming alcohol or tobacco during the length of treatmentKeep out of the reach of children
ADEL Hepar Sulph Dilution 30 CH