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It helps to protect you from disease-causing pathogens. Nearly 80% of sickness-causing germs spread via hands. So, it is important to keep your hands clean. It helps to achieve clean hands on the go by killing 99.9% of germs without the use of soap and water.

It contains 2-Propanol and 1-Propanol as active ingredients along with moisturizers and emollients. This alcohol-based hand sanitizer can kill the germs instantly exerting its antiseptic effect when applied. It also provides effective protection for a long period. It has high-quality moisturizers to keep the skin supple and moist and emollients that are known to leave behind a pleasant fragrance. As you do not need to use water, it helps to save water and reduce its wastage.

All you have to do is apply a few drops of this sanitizer on your palm and rub it across your hands. It not only keeps your hands sanitized but also makes your hands soft and moisturized. Moreover, it dries up quickly. It is known to offer protection against 100 illness-causing germs along with inhibiting the transmission of germs from one person to another through a handshake.

It can be used anytime and anywhere without the need to use soap and water. Moreover, it offers long-lasting protection which means that you don’t have to worry about applying it repeatedly on your hand. However, if you are in a public place and touch any commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs or lift buttons, then it is wise to re-use to ensure better protection.

It does not cause any side effects. When used on cuts and wounds, it may cause mild irritation and sting on the skin but no major side effects.

Key ingredients:

  • 1-propanol:45% v/v
  • 2-propanol: 30% w/v

Key benefits/uses of 3M Avagard Handrub Antiseptic Solution:

  • Designed to provide rapid & broad-spectrum bacterial kill
  • Provides effective cleaning of the contaminated surface of hands or any other area
  • Contains moisturizer which helps to maintain the moisture
  • Ensures well-maintained skin condition due to emollient-rich formulation
  • Enhances hand hygiene compliance
  • Helps prevent skin from dryness or any damage
  • Provides pleasant fragrance which is preferred by the users- doctors and nursing staff
  • Is enabled with a right-sized push dispenser dispenses exactly 3ml solution on full press
  • Has unique packaging with dual-use stands and no need for multiple stands

Directions for use:

Pour a coin-sized drop of this hand sanitizer on your palm and rub it vigorously for 2 minutes until dry. You can use it as often as required throughout the day. Make sure to use it particularly before eating, after using public transport, after meeting someone in a hospital or a person who is sick/unwell, after playing with pets, or after coughing or sneezing.

Quick tips for 3M Avagard Handrub Antiseptic Solution:

  • As the sanitizer contains alcohol, it is flammable in nature. Hence, it is advised to keep it away from fire and not to store it in areas such as the kitchen.
  • Do not use it on sensitive areas of the skin or open wounds and cuts as it might cause irritation.
  • If you experience skin irritation post the use of the sanitizer or if you have accidentally swallowed the sanitizer, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes. If by mistake, the sanitizer gets into your eyes, then wash your eyes with cold water. Do not use soap and water.
  • In case you are using it for children, then make sure to use it under adult supervision as chances of swallowing, licking, and using it on open wounds is high.
  • Do not apply or use it on your face or intimate areas.
  • Rub it for at least 20 seconds until dry. Remember, squirting a few drops into your palms and then wiping your hands isn’t going to help.

Side effects of 3M Avagard Handrub Antiseptic Solution:

When used as a hand sanitizer, it does not cause any side effects. Using it on cuts and wounds may cause mild irritation and sting on the skin but no major side effects. However, if ingested, it can affect your throat. So, please be careful when using it. Also, exercise caution when using it around kids as there is a high chance that kids might drink this liquid unknowingly.

Storage and safety information:

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Use under medical supervision.
  • For external use only.

FAQs related to 3M Avagard Handrub Antiseptic Solution:

Q. Does hand rub or sanitizer really kill 99.9% of germs?

Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers are known to kill bacteria and microbes that are responsible for causing diseases. However, some germs like norovirus, which are known to cause food-borne illnesses are not killed by sanitizers. Given that, most sanitizers do offer protection against a wide range of microbes.

Q. How long does hand sanitizer last on your hands?

This may vary from product to product. However, most hand sanitizers are known to be effective from a few minutes to hours. So, read the label of your sanitizer to know how long it offers protection against germs.

Q. Where do the germs go after using hand sanitizer?

As hand sanitizers contain alcohol, they are known to kill the bacteria. Alcohol is known to cause rupture of the bacterial membrane, thereby killing the bacteria. 

Q. Is it safe to eat with your hands after using hand sanitizer?

Most people use a hand sanitizer to clean their hands before eating food as a sanitizer effectively kills the bacteria present in the hands, thereby lowering the risk of infections. Hence, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before eating with your hands is considered to be safe.

Q. Do you have to wash your hands after using hand sanitizer?

The alcohol in hand sanitizer works best when you rub it all over your hands, making sure to get between your fingers and on the back of your hands. Do not wipe or rinse off the hand sanitizer before it is dry.

Q. How do you clean your hands with sanitizer?

Pour 5-10 ml or a coin-sized amount of hand sanitizer over the dry hand, nails, and grooves up to the elbow. Rub vigorously for 2 minutes. Do not wash your hands with soap or under plain tap water after using a hand sanitizer as doing so can lower its effectiveness.

Q. How to prevent the spread of respiratory infections?

Most of us may not know this interesting fact that many of the germs that cause respiratory infections can be easily transmitted from one person to another. They’re usually transmitted by breathing in respiratory droplets released by another person during coughing or sneezing or by touching an object or surface exposed to the infected droplets and then touching the nose, mouth, or eyes. 

The best preventive method to avoid contact with droplets is to wash your hands with soap and water. In situations where handwashing may not be possible, use a hand sanitizer containing more than 70% alcohol.

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