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2baconil 14mg Nicotine Patch helps you to quit smoking using the principle of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). The patch when placed on your body gradually provides a measured dose of harmless nicotine through the skin over the period of 24 hours. As the nicotine doses are lowered over a course of 12 weeks, the tobacco users have weaned off nicotine slowly & steadily, minimizing the withdrawal symptoms. It is a unique patch with smart time release technology that helps in preventing the urge to smoke all day long. It helps in supporting you through your day by delivering remedial nicotine via the patch’s specially designed layers. This technology ensures a steady and all day release so that the nicotine in the patch will not be delivered all at once.

Key Ingredient:

Key Benefits:
Provides a steady & continuous release using smart time release technologyHelps in reducing the urge to smoke or chew tobaccoIt is convenient, easy to use and applySelf-contained, it has discrete (hidden to others) dosing formIncreases the chances to curb morning cravingsHas a higher patient compliance
Direction For Use
It can be preferably applied on the right or left the side of the upper back, chest, arm. Change the application site of patch every day. Use only one patch a day preferably in the morning. Apply the patch on the dry, clean and non-hairy portion of the body. Press the patch with the palm of your hand for about 10 seconds so that it adheres to the body well.
First, you need to choose the right strength for you. Since different smokers are used to different levels of nicotine.Depending on how many cigarettes you smoke each day, you’ll start at either option A (20 & more cigarettes) or option B (less than 20 cigarettes).

Option A is for people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day.
Step 1 take 21 Mg for duration of (Week 1-4 )Step 2- take 14 Mg for duration of (Week 5-8 )Step 3- take7 Mg for duration of (Week 9-12)
Option B is for people who smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day.
Step 1 take 14 Mg for duration of (Week 1-4 )Step 2 take 7 Mg for duration of ( Week 5-8 )Step 3- take 7 mg for duration of (Week 9-12)
Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useKeep away from childrenDo not exceed the recommended dosageUse under medical supervisionStore in a clean and dry place
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