Safeguard for Dengue by growing 5 Repellents Plants at Home

Safeguard for Dengue by growing 5 Repellents Plants at Home

The Rain is beautiful season other than any other season. But During monsoon or rainy seasons we have to get use of uninvited guests like mosquitoes, insects, house flies and bugs.

When monsoon comes there comes stagnant water, puddles and dangerous mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the single largest cause for all dreadful diseases. For example: Dengue, malaria, Zika and Chikungunya these are most spreading diseases and most fearful to all peoples.

During the monsoon, all the Outdoor activity is dreadful due to mosquitoes and even inside the home. We usually prefer to spray the industrial, chemically filled insecticide.

There is an alternate way to keep mosquitoes away from you other the chemical insecticide. They are our natural repellents that you may grow in your yard, garden, patio or balcony. They are many plants that help to keep insects away. Here are some plants which can be grown in the home with comfort zone.


Mint leaves are well known for adding as refreshing flavor to food. Mint leaves give you fresh minty breath. The Peppermint plant is the most effective repellent of mosquitoes. Mint is the pleasant smelling plant that drives the insects away. Mint plants are fast growing requires moist soil and can be grown in pots.

  • The various use of mint to keep away from insects.

  • Put the Mint leaves in a bag and place them in the insect’s problematic area at home.

  • Crush some dried mint leaves and make them powder. This can be use to get rid of ants by scattering the mint powder in the specified area.

  • Potted Mint Plant acts as effective mosquitoes repellent.



Basil leaves are well known as “tulsi” in India. Basil Plants are easily grown easily at home. These plants require only sunlight, water, proper drainage and heat. Oil extracted from basil leaves are used to kill mosquitoes. Basil is the insect repellant herb. These basil leaves extract used in pesticides. This plant emits pungent smell that prevents the mosquitoes and flies.



We have mainly seen the Marigold as a decorative flower, but it has many properties that are useful to humans. These are attractive and pretty flowers which act as effective repellent of mosquito. Mari gold is sun loving plant helps farmers as natural pesticides and help to keep aphids away from the yard.

The distinct smell emanates from the pollen and petals of the marigold flower keep the mosquitoes away from their area.


Citronella is the perennial clumping tropical grass that grows height of 5 to 6 feet. Citronella requires natural sunlight, water and good drainage. This Citronella Plant has distinct smell that act as Mosquito repellant. Citronella oil is available in stores. You can use them in water to mop you home and helps to keep mosquitoes and flies away.


Rosemary plant can be grown in containers indoors and home garden. This plant requires sandy soil, well drained and good sunlight. In addition to as mosquito repellant it gives protection for vegetable plants from infestation.

Some other plants also can consider as mosquitoes repellent. Instead of spraying harmful chemical sprays to get rid of mosquitoes try to grow these plants in your home and use natural repellant.

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