I-Phone based Portable Ultrasound device can spot cancer

I-Phone based Portable Ultrasound device can spot cancer

US Scientists have discovered a novel iPhone based portable ultrasound device to detect cancer easily at home.

John Martin is a vascular surgeon and chief medical officer at Butterfly network detected his own cancer while test running of a new ultrasound gadget for his iphone.

Usually in normal ultrasound device the sound waves are generated by vibrating crystal.  But this Butterfly iQ uses thousands of small drums on semiconductor chip that create the sound waves, MIT Technology Review reported.

Martin felt some uncomfortable feeling on his throat; he rubbed the cold gel on an ultrasound and rubbed the probe along his neck. This device is connected to his smart phone through the wire.  Quickly the images are appeared on his smartphone. Then he diagnoses a 3cm mass as squamous cell cancer – a type skin cancer that usually develops in the outer layer of the skin.

This Ultra Sound gadget is a product of Butterfly network and they are going to launch this project in the U.S. market in 2018. This is a handheld machine that can use in any emergency situations, even in an ambulance or at the home, which helps to detect an injury of child instantly.

The users or doctors can toggle through different modes on the screen and change the gain on the ultrasound, that offer clear views of tissues depending on the how deep it is in the body.

The company plans to implement artificial intelligence software with this instrument so that they can collect the right images and interpret them.

In future this instrument can able to detect problems like aortic aneurysms or to analyze how much blood a heart is pumping.

The company plans to sell Butterfly iQ, a handheld ultrasound machine for the price of $2000 in the future.

Martin added that this device has the ability to do everything at the bedside. One can pull it out of the pocket and able to scan the whole body.


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