5 Fibroid Facts that every Women should know

5 Fibroid Facts that every Women should know

Fibroids also known as “Uternia myoma”. Myoma refers for non cancerous tumor.  Uternia Myoma is referring as Non cancerous growth in uterus. The non cancerous growth is nothing but the abnormal growth of normal tissues. Nowadays large percentages of women are dealing with the fibroids.

Fibroids are asymptomatic often; this affects women of all ages and most commonly in ages 30 to 50. Fibroids can form outside or inside the uterus, sometimes within the uterine walls. Fibroids can grow larger than grapefruit and same time they are tiny as peas. Many fibroids are discovered during the pregnancy, in some cases the fibroids leads to miscarriage.

The common symptoms of fibroids are painful periods, heavy menstrual bleeding, frequency urination, backache, pain during sexual intercourse and sensation of pelvic heaviness.

Fibroids are not cancer; they are benign or noncancerous tumors.  But in rare case uterine sarcoma can be diagnosed – it may have similar symptoms and rare form of cancer. The treatment involve in such cases are surgery to remove fibroids. If the fibroids are symptoms free no specific treatment is required. Clinical observation, regular investigation and check ups are recommended.

Women with excessive bleeding during periods will leads to anemia and weakness. Fibroids are at later stage or extremely big, painful at that time doctors recommends for “Hysterectomy” – removal of uterus, this condition makes the women infertile so surgery is required when the fibroids are extremely painful and are not cured with other methods

Hysterectomy is not only the option for fibroids. The tiny fibroids are treated through drug therapy itself. If the individual fibroids are not responding the drug therapies they can be removed using the procedure called Myomectomy. Myomectomy is the procedure to remove the fibroids and retains uterus. But 15% of women have chances of fibroid recur.

Myomectomy involves three approaches –

Laparotomy – Fibroids are removed by surgically opening of abdomen, depending upon the fibroid size and location.

Laparoscopy – The instrument laparoscope is inserted through small abdominal incision and using laser to remove the fibroids.

Hysteroscopy – this is mainly by laser ablation. i.e if fibroids are located in uterine walls. The fibroids are cut off and uterine lining is removed. This method causes infertility to women.

Pregnancy with fibroids is not possible now this statement becomes false. Several less invasive procedures are being investigated. So women with fibroids need medical supervision throughout pregnancy period and they can also deliver the healthy baby.  Consult the obstetrician before planning a baby.

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