Here's How Consuming Alcohol Can Affect Your Sex Life

Here's How Consuming Alcohol Can Affect Your Sex Life


  • Alcohol can reduce lubrication in women 
  • Men might find difficult to maintain erection after drinking alcohol 
  • Engaging drunk sex can ruin relationships

Love indulging in drunk sex every once in a while? Well, its time you stop because experts say that alcohol can have a serious impact on your sex life. Drinking alcohol and indulging in sex can ruin a good sexual experience as it can affect sexual sensitivity in both men and women. While men can find it difficult to get, let alone maintain an erection, women can feel reduced lubrication and might find it difficult to get an orgasm. Mistakenly, alcohol is considered to be a love drug. But excess alcohol can most certainly worsen your sex life.

Here are some more sexual side effects of consuming alcohol: 

1. Infertility and impotence

Excess consumption of alcohol can adversely affect fertility and sometimes even cause impotence. Women who drink more alcohol than recommended are more likely to suffer from fertility and menstrual problems.

2. Sex injuries are common after drunk sex

It is quite likely that you wake up all sore and with multiple injuries after having sex under the influence of alcohol. This is because you don't feel the painful activities. This is especially true for anal sex, which needs more lubrication. There are a lot of chances that both the partners end up being bruised, marked or injured after drunk sex.

3. Alcohol can convince you about unprotected and forced sex

When under the influence of alcohol, you can lose your rationale and perspective which helps you take a decision about having protected sex and having sex at all. Additionally, you might not notice a condom breaking or falling off because of reduced sensation. Alcohol also makes it difficult for both parties to decide if they are both consenting for sex or not.

4. Drunk sex can ruin relationships

In times of dating apps and casual sex, fooling around with a friend or even a stranger seems like the most convenient thing to do. But speaking of consent, we are never sure if we what we are getting into is inconsequential or not. Hence, it is quite advisable to keep sex at bay when you're drinking alcohol and vice versa.

5. Alcohol can have long-term effects

Some chronic effects of alcohol on the body include increase blood sugar level and risks of heart ailments. Satisfactory sexual experience requires a good blood flow and clogged arteries can have a great impact on the blood flow in the heart, penis and clitoral tissues. Furthermore, alcohol can increase release of stress hormone cortisol and reduce testosterone production.

6. Bring back the lost spark

Many couples resort to alcohol for good sex when they get bored or fail to find that spark. In this case, you can try in abstaining from alcohol altogether and do things you haven't done in a long time. For instance, plan a romantic dinner. These things are helpful in creating excitement and curiosity. 

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