6 Tips To Help You Through A Normal Delivery

6 Tips To Help You Through A Normal Delivery


  • Women need to keep active throughout the pregnancy 
  • Focus on strengthening your pelvic and thigh muscles 
  • Keep your body weight in check

Despite the fact that it is extremely painful, most women wish to go through a normal delivery. Nevertheless, no one has control over what may happen in the labor room. You may even have an obstruction-free and smooth normal delivery, or you may have to go through a c-section due to complications. Gynecologist Dr. Ragini Agrawal says, "Every woman wishes for a normal delivery. But the main thing that she needs to have for this procedure is patience. Normal delivery is a time-taking procedure which takes anything between 12 hours to 18 hours. So patience is the main component. Secondly, women need to keep active throughout the pregnancy. Women need to do some normal exercises, have a balanced diet and have a positive attitude throughout the nine months.

"If these are followed and there are no complications in the pregnancy, normal delivery can be easily carried out. However, if the mother is obese, short or diabetic, there can be some complications," she added.

Nevertheless, labour can be very painful. But there are some tips which you can keep in mind to ease your journey through labour and ensure a normal delivery.

1. Exercise

Actually, make exercise a habit. Being pregnant is no excuse for you to give up exercising. Exercise helps you deal with the demands of pregnancy. The main focus should be strengthening your pelvic and thigh muscles to go through the pain of labour. Thigh muscles also need to be strengthened as they may get fatigued during labour. Talk to your doctor before you start exercising on your own. Engage in household chores as well.

2. Keep stress away

Yes, we agree that stress is unavoidable in some cases. Nevertheless, you can avoid it. Make conscious efforts to avoid stress in all ways. Stay happy, keep smiling and train your mind in a way that stress just can't affect it. The same goes for labour. Stress during labour induces contractions. It can also have an impact on the baby. So before you go into labour, prepare yourself to keep stress at bay.

3. Breathing exercises

One of the best ways of keeping stress at bay is breathing exercises. These will help you keep stress away during pregnancy and during labour as well. Plus, adequate oxygen supply to your child will help improve his coordination with you.

4. Eat right

Your diet is essential to your and the baby's health. It has a direct impact on the pregnancy, labour, and birth. However, there is no direct link between your digestive tract and birth canal. So don't believe in myths that say that oil can help in sliding your baby out of the womb easily. Fill up on nutritious food so that your body becomes stronger and healthier to go through labour. Remember that a stronger mother has a bigger chance of going through labour and normal delivery easily. But you need to keep a check on your weight as well. Just because you are pregnant it is no excuse to stop being mindful of your body weight.

5. Read up about it all

Read up on pregnancy and labour. Get the proper education about it all. You could even go to a prenatal class to learn about it all. This way you will be well-prepared for it and there won't be any surprises on the day of delivery.

6. Get your support system in place

Pregnancy is a life-changing phase. You get promoted from the status of being a single woman to a mother. This is when you need support from your partner and family. Your family and your partner must stand by your side to support you through labour and throughout the nine months. This will help in keeping your stress at bay and will act as a motivation for you.

"Normal delivery should not be treated as a big issue. Women experience complications in a pregnancy after surpassing a particular age. This is when their pelvis tightens which makes normal delivery a tough procedure. So women need to stay active throughout. From a young age, women should follow healthy habits so that it can be beneficial for them later in life. It is important to prepare your body much in advance. In a holistic approach, women must not treat pregnancy like an abnormal procedure."

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